PKN Orlen to sell Lotos assets to Aramco, MOL to complete takeover Aramco MOL PKN Orlen Polish opposition Russia Commentary Poland

Polish opposition attacks Orlen-Aramco-MOL deal — here’s why they are wrong to

Despite the fact that the merger between Orlen and Lotos and the fulfillment of the so-called countermeasures imposed by the European Commission turned out to be a masterpiece conducted by Orlen’s management, the Civic Platform’s politicians have not ceased their attacks. Moreover, even though the agreement with Saudi Aramco about the takeover of 30 percent […]
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Polish Senate Pegasus Krzysztof Brejza Pegasus spyware Polish opposition Polish Senate News Poland

Polish Senate votes in favor of a special commission to investigate alleged use of Pegasus surveillance software to spy on opposition politicians

The opposition-controlled upper house of the Polish parliament has voted in favor of appointing a commission to investigate cases of alleged surveillance using the Pegasus system

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Poland Pegasus Affair Jarosław Kaczyński Krzysztof Brejza Pegasus spyware Polish opposition News Poland

Poll: Majority of Poles demand a quick explanation of Pegasus spyware controversy

According to a poll carried out by United Surveys, only 15 percent of respondents believe that the controversy surrounding alleged surveillance of opposition politicians requires no explanation

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attack on Polish border Belarus Border Guard Polish opposition Commentary Poland

Poland’s soldiers and police defended the border, not Merkel’s talks with Putin and Lukashenko

When it became clear that illegal migrants could not force their way past the Polish border, the Polish opposition started a narrative in which Angela Merkel was to thank for defusing the situation, writes PiS MEP Zbigniew Kuźmiuk

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Kaczyński Morawiecki Poland United Right Civic Platform Law and Justice Polish opposition Politics United Right Commentary Poland

Opinion: Polish United Right has a very good chance at winning third term

The opposition has revealed its true colors to Poles. The question is: Will the United Right use this opportunity, and how? Columnist for Michał Karnowski offers his analysis

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Rafał Trzaskowski's Campus Poland Campus Poland Civic Platform Polish opposition Rafał Trzaskowski Sławomir Nitras Commentary Poland

German-funded event turns into PR nightmare for Poland’s left-wing opposition

‘Campus Poland’, the ambitious project backed by German funding, has turned into a total PR catastrophe due to the Polish opposition’s lack of political vision, writes Goran Andrijanić for portal

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illegal migrants Belarus Poland state of emergency Aleksandr Lukashenko Belarus illegal migrants Polish opposition State of Emergency Commentary Poland

Polish government’s credibility at stake during current border crisis

The Polish opposition forced the decision to introduce a state of emergency by supporting anarchists, writes Editor-in-Chief of ‘Sieci’ weekly Jacek Karnowski

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Noitras archbushop Jędraszewski catholics Attack Catholics Marek Jędraszewski Polish opposition Sławomir Nitras News Poland

Poland: Civic Platform MP calls for ‘punishing Catholics’ and ‘filing off’ their privileges

In response, archbishop of Kraków, Marek Jędraszewski, warned that such language had already been used in history previously during the Nazi and Stalinist periods

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illegal migrants Poland Belarus protest Belarus illegal migrants Polish opposition Russia Commentary Poland

Polish opposition openly supports Belarus and Russia’s migrant push into Poland: opinion

During times of crisis, the Polish opposition is busy attacking the state from the inside, while Minsk and Moscow pressure it from the outside, writes editor-in-chief of “Sieci” weekly Jacek Karnowski

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Adam Bielan Civic Platform PO Poland Polish opposition Rafał Trzaskowski Commentary

Civic Platform convention shows it’s still the most important opposition player in Polish politics

The weekend online convention showed that the real leader of Civic Platform (PO) is Warsaw’s mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, writes Michał Szułdrzyński for Rzeczpospolita daily

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Donald Trump Andrzej Duda Poland Polish opposition Riots US US Congress Commentary

The unbridled lust for power of Poland’s liberal-left

The dramatic events which took place in the American Capitol should be a warning signal of the threat posed by the actions of liberal-left in Poland who are trying to regain power using aggressive street demonstrations, writes Wojciech Wybranowski for Remix News

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Coronavirus Poland Polish opposition Politics Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski Commentary

Despite pandemic and opposition efforts, Poland remains politically and economically stable

Poland is leaving 2020 as one of the most politically stable and best economically developing countries in Europe, says professor Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski

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Grzegorz Schetyna PO Poland Polish opposition Robert Biedroń Spring party Commentary

A Platform of lefties

The Civic Platform (PO), Poland’s main liberal opposition party is veering to the extreme left. Its already saying that it backs gay marriage. This shift is coming about as the party becomes increasingly aware that it cannot compete with the United Right led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party, writes Wojciech Mucha.

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Andrzej Duda George H.W. Bush Lech Wałęsa Poland Polish opposition Politics US News

Wałęsa attends Bush funeral, makes political demonstration

A public political manifesto by former Solidarity leader Lech Wałęsa at George H.W. Bush’s funeral. Wałęsa attended the funeral dressed in a “Constitution” shirt, provoking disgust from commentators.

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