Poland’s opposition dreams of building Macron’s Paris in Warsaw

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The funniest part of the Civic Platform (PO) celebrating Macron’s victory is that they seem to have forgotten that his La République En Marche! does not even belong to the European People’s Party (EPP), but to another faction, Renew Europe, which is at least in theory supposed to be the EPP’s political rivals.

The French right-wing, previously reminiscent of de Gaulle, has lost most of former characteristics over the years, and was unexpectedly replaced by a party deprived almost from the beginning of any qualities, created by a president without any real opinions or convictions. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen, despite her defeat, received her highest vote count to date and her party stands a good chance of winning the parliamentary elections; while the candidate belonging to the EPP could not even achieve 5 percent of the vote.

Is such a scenario possible in Poland? Yes, prior to the return of Donald Tusk to Polish politics, it was quite possible that the Civic Platform would remove the remaining conservative politicians and, under the weak leadership of Borys Budka, would lose its importance in favor of the movement of Szymon Hołownia, a politician who hides his lack of any political program or views with theatrical emotions. Hołownia’s movement is affiliated, naturally, with Renew Europe. Let’s add that this faction was previously called ALDE and Modern party, and another Polish opposition party belonged to it at that time.

But enough about European political families, let’s come back to Paris.

Emmanuel Macron’s Paris is about burning cars and riots that broke out moments after the announcement of the election results. They were organized not by Le Pen’s supporters but by the extreme left which, without a real choice after the defeat of Melenchon, expressed their rage on the streets.

Macron’s Paris is also a burning Notre Dame cathedral.

However, above all, Macron’s Paris is bloody, lasting riots and unrest, shots fired at protesters, and police brutality not worthy of a democracy, but of authoritarian regimes from outside the EU.

Does the Polish opposition want to build such a Paris in Warsaw?

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