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French government shuts down another mosque supporting Islamic extremism, interior minister claims at least 70 mosques across the country have been ‘radicalized’

The left-wing French government has ordered the closure of a mosque in the resort town of Cannes, following reports it was being used to support extremist Islamist groups and promote anti-Semitism, France’s interior minister confirmed on Wednesday. In an interview with French broadcaster CNews, Gerald Darmanin revealed his department had received evidence that showed attendees […]
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A crowded field on the right gives Macron a boost of confidence

Four right-wing candidates are gearing up to challenge the incumbent in the 2022 presidential elections, and Macron may be set to benefit the most

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2022 Presidential Election Emmanuel Macron France Marine Le Pen Zemmour France

Éric Zemmour could be the game-changer for the 2022 elections in France

Will Éric Zemmour be the much-awaited truly conservative and patriotic candidate of a French right-wing electorate that has, up until now, always been betrayed by the center-right party that claimed to represent it?

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Marine Le Pen – Macron’s best guarantee to win in 2022? Commentary

While Marine Le Pen is currently the only political leader in a position to bring some real change in France, she is not a real conservative and her chances in next year’s presidential elections look more slim than ever.

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Exclusive: ‘The Islamists are waging a war against us and we must take up the fight to win’ — Remix interviews French MEP Nicolas Bay

Remix News conducts an exclusive interview with French MEP Nicolas Bay, member of the executive committee of Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), vice-chair of the Identity & Democracy Group in the European Parliament, and member of the Regional Council of Normandy

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Czech Republic Emmanuel Macron European Parliamentary election Marine Le Pen Commentary

Le Pen: The time has come for change

Marine Le Pen launches her campaign for the EP elections. According to her, voters have a unique opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with French president Emanuel Macron. “If Macron does not have the wisdom to go back to the people by dissolving parliament, then let the political arbitrage come from the European elections,” Le Pen said.

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Czech Republic Emmanuel Macron France taxes Yellow Vests Commentary

Citizen debates will not resolve Macron’s problems

No wonder the Yellow Vests movement is skeptical about the debate. All the topics for the so-called citizens’ consultations were decided by the government, which also admitted that the conclusions will not be followed through. So, why even bother with such games in democracy?

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Crisis in Europe Czech Republic Emmanuel Macron European Union France V4 Commentary

Macron will no longer have time to criticize Visegrad

Having no choice, Macron likely recognized his mistakes and promised to reassess his priorities, which can be seen positively in many ways. The French president will no longer have the time to criticize the Visegrad group as well as to promote deeper integration of the European Union.

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