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‘You try living with them!’ — Botswana offers 20,000 elephants to Germany

Botswana has offered to send 20,000 elephants to Berlin, telling Germany's left-wing…

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Illegal immigration soars 541% higher on West African route into EU, announces Frontex border agency

Europe's illegal immigration crisis shows no signs of slowing, with the first…

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Libya deports hundreds of illegal migrants back to Nigeria

The Libyan government took steps to crack down on illegal immigration on…

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Trial of Gambian dictator’s ‘torture commander’ who fled to Europe as an asylum seeker begins in Switzerland

The former interior minister of The Gambia, dubbed the "torture commander" of…

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9 migrants arrested for piracy after hijacking Dutch ship that sought to return them to African mainland

Nine migrants have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to hijack a…

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