Polish opposition wants to potentially withdraw from Polish-US nuclear power deal if it comes to power

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

A Polish politician from the Greens disclosed that she has an agreement with left-liberal opposition leader Donald Tusk to consider withdrawing from the current government’s nuclear power station construction deal.

The politician in question is Urszula Zielińska, second on the Civic Coalition’s Warsaw list and the leader of a small Green party, who made the claim in a Tuesday radio interview. She said that the new government “would have to investigate how far the agreement with the Americans really was binding.”

When pressed by the interviewer whether the new government really would go against the Americans on this, she said, “We have to look at all the options,” including withdrawing from the agreement that has just been signed. 

The Green party leader conceded that the new government would have to examine whether any sanctions would be involved for the eventual breach of agreement with the Americans. 

Zielińska said that Tusk has agreed that the current Polish plans for the construction of nuclear power stations “is not based on a robust economic analysis and lacks a business plan.” As a result, Zielińska said that “it has been agreed within the Civic Coalition that in the first 100 days in power, we would map out a clear plan for financing energy based on renewable sources of energy and also prepare such a plan for the eventual development of nuclear energy.”

The agreement to build the first nuclear power station in Poland was signed on Sept. 27 in Warsaw and involves the U.S. company Westinghouse and a Polish consortium. 

Initial work on the project will last 18 months, during which 400 different reports will be produced involving all the required permits and plans for securing supply chains.

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