Most Poles would not want to see Donald Tusk as the prime minister again

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Less than one in three Poles believe life would be better with opposition leader Donald Tusk as the head of the government, according to new polling.

In a United Surveys poll conducted for the Wirtualna Polska news portal, just 32.4 percent of respondents believe a Tusk government would contribute to their life being better, while 47.6 percent believe life would become worse with him at the helm — 18.4 think life would become “somewhat worse,” while 29.2 percent think it would be “much worse.”

Unsurprisingly, voters of the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party are the most vociferous against Tusk, with 99 percent thinking they will be worse off.

However, just over half of opposition supporters, 57 percent, believe Donald Tusk as the head of the government would make life better, and 16 percent have the opposite opinion. A total of 27 percent of the opposition electorate have no opinion on the matter.

Among undecided voters, the opinions are divided. While 23 percent of them believe that it could be better with Donald Tusk as the prime minister, 45 percent of undecided voters have the opposite opinion, and 32 percent simply do not know what the right answer is.

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