Poland wants a piece of Ukraine? Polish opposition feeds Russia’s disinformation campaign

What kind of leverage does the Kremlin have over former Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski to participate in Russia’s disinformation campaign? asks Polish columnist Michał Karnowski

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Michał Karnowski

A supposed Polish plan to join a hypothetical partition of Ukraine was the main line of pro-Kremlin propaganda in the pre-war period and has been since Feb. 24., 2022. Radosław Sikorski, Poland’s former foreign minister, knows this because he himself revealed some time ago that Donald Tusk had received such a proposition from Putin back in 2009. However, Sikorski and Tusk were silent and did not warn Ukraine about this proposal.

For Russians, Polish-Ukrainian cooperation is the main target of attacks. Poland is a shelter for Ukrainian families, wives, and children, a place where they can work and earn a living. Ukrainians are Poland’s hard-working guests who have been made to start over from scratch.

Poland has been the hub for aid sent to Ukraine since the first hours of Putin’s barbaric invasion. It is the point from where tanks, Piorun MANPADS, and munitions have been transported to Ukraine. Poland has given everything it can, and even more than that. At the same time, other forms of Western aid has also been transported through the Polish border.

Poland truly is, as the slogan of the Polish House in Davos suggested, a bridge of freedom for Ukraine.

With a great effort from the Polish president, prime minister, and diplomats, Poland is refusing to allow the Western world to consider this terrible war to be something normal.

The Kremlin noticed Poland’s successes and is attempting to counteract this trend.

With his words, replicating Russian propaganda lies, Poland’s Sikorski stabs Ukrainian certainty in the back — the idea that they can count on at least one of their neighbors. Sikorski actively tried to kill the idea that Poland is loyal and does not want to feed off of Ukraine’s misery and blood.

The reality is that Poles do not want to. That is where “Solidarność” and its spirit, idea, and legacy are still alive, translated by the deceased President Lech Kaczyński into modern terms.

Sikorski probably does not do what he does by accident, especially when President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki have pressured Berlin and the entire West, resulting in the creation of a tank coalition, an alliance of free Leopards.

Moscow knows that these tanks could change the outcome of this war, which means Moscow must stop this effort now. It is thus madly activating all of its means to do so.

What secret leverage has forced Sikorski to take part in an operation that clearly benefits Russia? Does he not see that the ugly pro-Kremlin propaganda is getting weaker? Sikorski already fed them once, after Nord Stream was sabotaged. Now comes his next move.

I do not presume he does not know what he is doing. He knows it can only be read in this context.

In this one matter, helping Ukraine, Poles are united. What devil from Moscow orders Sikorski to break this unity apart and Tusk to endorse his actions?

Attributing the plan to break up an independent Ukraine to anyone in Poland is spitting on Ukrainian blood, suffering, and bravery. However, it is also spitting on the aid Poland provides.

Poles are currently writing a beautiful page in their history on helping their neighbors. People who attempt to defile this effort are truly despicable. It does not matter if they are politically motivated or forced with some invisible leverage. Shame on all of them regardless of the reason.

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