Georgia issues new stamp of Former Polish President Lech Kaczyński for standing up to Russian aggression

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Speaking on public radio, the former speaker of the Senate, Stanisław Karczewski, paid homage to Lech Kaczyński, who on Aug. 12, 2008, together with the presidents of Ukraine and the Baltic States, spoke in support of Georgia at a mass rally in Tbilisi as Russian tanks were still invading the country.

President Kaczyński said that the five presidents came to Tbilisi “to fight”.

“We are here so that the world will react with greater strength, especially the EU and NATO,” he said at the time.

It was at this rally that Kaczyński also said, “And we all know only too well that today its Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, later the Baltic States and even later maybe my own country, Poland”.

The former Senate speaker felt that Kaczyński knew what to do and say in such a situation and that his message was focused on the future.

Stanisław Karczewski revealed that he had attended a “cameral but uplifting ceremony at the Georgian Embassy” at which the Georgians presented a postage stamp made in Georgia and Poland dedicated to Lech Kaczyński.

In August 2008, after a series of provocations in South Ossetia, Georgia moved its troops into that part of its territory in order to regain control.

Russia reacted by entering South Ossetia and then invading deep into other parts of Georgian territory. As a result of the conflict, South Ossetia and Abkhazia declared independence which has been recognized by Russia alone.

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