Germany aims to save Russia, not to defeat it

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The German idea of ending the war in Ukraine is dangerous to Poland’s security, as their goal is not to defeat Russia but to save it. That is why they only pretend to aid Ukraine.

A quick peace deal at Ukraine’s expense would not only allow Moscow to save face but also give Russia time to rebuild its military potential and attack in a couple of years when the U.S. is involved in the Asia-Pacific theater to a larger extent.

The only thing needed to sign a quick peace deal is ensuring Poland’s involvement in supporting Ukraine is limited, which is why Germany wants a Polish government that recognizes Germany’s leadership and implements its strategy regarding Russia and Ukraine. This happened in 2014 when then Polish Minister Radoslaw Sikorski threatened Ukrainians and forced their capitulation to Russian demands, and Donald Tusk thanked Berlin for its “blessed” leadership of Europe a few years later.

Utilizing Poland to conduct such a shameful policy will also help Germany shift the blame for its planned blackmail of Ukraine onto Poland — all in order to save Berlin’s image.

This policy is to keep Poland under the German boot. It is a German policy that is hidden behind the curtain of the EU’s dealings, which is aimed at the destruction of Polish policymaking and blocking Polish growth opportunities.

It is a sign of mental enslavement for those still supporting German policies designed to harm Poland, such as blocking the development of Polish nuclear energy and the expansion of the port in Świnoujście or destroying Polish coal-based energy.

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