Poland-EU: When storming a fortress, maybe it is not the best time to compromise – commentary

FILE - In this Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015 file photo, backers of Poland's ruling conservative party wave national flags as they march with the party leader to show their support for its policy amid a growing political conflict, in Warsaw, Poland. European Union flags have disappeared from government press conferences. The constitutional court has suffered a huge blow to its authority. Grassroots initiatives have sprung up to protect the country’s young democracy. Poland is in the grip of dizzying political changes since the nationalistic right-wing party, Law and Justice, took power last month and acted quickly to solidify its hold over this nation of nearly 38 million. Their most controversial move has been an attempt to pack the Constitutional Tribunal _ the only real check on the party’s power after it took control of the presidency and parliament in elections this year _ with loyal supporters. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz, File)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland is besieged from every side by anger and shrieks. This is akin to the best student in school being bullied by a group of hooligans. Why is he being bullied? Because the hooligans are insecure, of course. It doesn’t matter that the members of the bully gang are well-positioned due to their parents – when the parents are gone their criminal tendencies will remain. And since evil loves to accumulate, it will only get worse.

Therefore, any compromises are a capitulation and involve giving up everything, with no guarantee of salvation, and instead, a guarantee of enslavement.

The fight for the Polish judiciary is entering its final phase. The pressure is so powerful that some are breaking under it. The billions from the EU that have been put on the line and several projects from the Polish Deal may suffer from this burden. The opposition eagerly awaits Poland falling into a huge crisis, as its motivation has always been money and power, no matter the cost.

The opposition are a clear example of foreign interest.

Moreover, this whole attack on Poland and Hungary is a test which involves checking how long people will survive when they are faced with fait accompli. In this case, compromise will not give the desired results – it will only solidify the coming defeat.

I would also be wrong to suggest that pounding the table would stop these attacks – it wouldn’t. Instead, the strike should come from decisively reforming the Polish judiciary.

This is Poland’s competency, and Poland’s alone.

Judge immunities should be lifted, and the caste should be abolished by forbidding any political activity during terms as judiciary authorities. They can do whatever they like when they retire.

Conservativism, economic success, and true freedom – all of this speaks to people.

If the EU freezes Poland’s funding, then Poland should respond by deducting an equal amount from its payments to the EU until the freeze is lifted. It cannot be that the EU’s illegal actions should be accepted without a response. The rule of law is the rule of law. We should be consistent about this.

The attacks will not cease, as this is a political turning point. The left-wing vision of Europe is clashing with the right-wing one, and patterns have already been established that are not very favorable for the left-wing version. This is precisely why the Left puts so much pressure on violent transformations and planning changes without asking for the opinions of others. This is why conservative countries are attacked by EU institutions – not because they allegedly break the rule of law, but because they gave hope to those who have already given in to doubt and lost their moral compasses.

Conservativism, economic success, and true freedom. All of this speaks to people. This is why any concessions towards the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) or the European Court of Human Rights in matters in which they have no right to intervene may not only destroy Poland’s image, but also trust for the government.

The only permissible change is the radical reform of the entire judiciary – not as the CJEU desires, but as Poles have been expecting since 2015.

All of it must change, and the criminals in judge robes should be thrown out of their professions with life-long bans and stripped of their pensions.

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