‘Nothing new,’ says Polish professor about latest Civic Platform (PO) convention

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In December 2021, Civic Platform party leader Donald Tusk announced a series of seven-program conventions meant to update and adjust the party’s program offer, with the conventions taking place over the weekend.

During the convention organized under the slogan “Resistant Poland,” PO politicians presented their program proposals in the areas of healthcare, cybersecurity and the state’s resistance to crisis situations.

“The pandemic, border situation, migration situation and the last several years taught us not only in Poland but throughout the world that modern politics are a series of critical situations which were hard to foresee,” Tusk said.

Professor Henryk Domański evaluated that nothing original had been present among the promises made at the PO convention. (Source: Wikipedia)

He emphasized that recent events showed the need for a modern state which would give Poles a sense of security and order in moments of danger.

Sociology professor Henryk Domański of the Polish Academy of Sciences was highly critical of PO’s conventions and the ideas presented by Tusk.

“This gave the impression of a show during which the speakers were looking at the ceiling and refused to hold contact with the auditorium. One would’ve expected a livelier approach from PO, but this didn’t happen here. There were either generic statements or secondary issues,” he said.

Domański pointed out that the name “Resistant Poland” itself could be confusing to many voters.

“I assume this is about being resistant against the United Right and in the future doing something about it. This most likely concerned the idea materializing into resistance during defeating PiS in the upcoming elections and PO’s victory,” he said.

The professor emphasized that nothing original had been presented among the promises made at the convention.

“The opposition has a larger playing field because it can promise much. These were promises about things which were either secondary issues or seemed to be not very understandable to the average listener,” he stated.

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