Kaczyński: There will be no Polexit

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland is not going to leave the European Union, Deputy Prime Minister and Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

He stated that there would be no Polexit, emphasizing that the whole idea was a propaganda scheme used by the opposition against the government multiple times. He added that PiS sees the future of Poland in the EU.

Kaczyński said that his party fully supports attempts to end the current crisis within the EU. This concerns treaties no longer being fully adhered to or being used as pretexts. The rule of equality between member states is also being drastically violated.

“We can see tendencies by the strongest states such as Germany to instrumentalize the EU. We must oppose this. We are in favor of EU treaties being clarified so that such abuses will be radically hindered,” he said.

The leader of PiS recalled the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe, stating that his political formation wants to propose a plan which will be an alternative to the one that will be presented at the conference.

He explained that Poland “wants to be in the EU but at the same time wants to remain as a sovereign state. We want the treaties to be very closely abided by. There are competencies which belong solely to the EU — such as those concerning external relations in economic areas — there are mixed competencies, and there are those which belong solely to the member states.”

Kaczyński stressed that issues of the judiciary are competencies fully belonging to states and cannot be the subject of interferences.

The deputy prime minister also spoke about potential changes in the government. He admitted that there were ideas to slightly reorganize and reconstruct the government, but that no broader changes would be made.

“I do not exclude some singular changes because there are people who would like to change their activity,” he said, referring to the rumors about the possible dismissal of the ministers of agriculture, climate, and the chief of the PM’s chancellery.

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