Explosive claim: EU elites are offering Donald Tusk presidency of EU commission if he helps introduce euro currency to Poland, says Polish central bank head

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The head of the Polish Central Bank, Adam Glapiński, accused the leader of Poland’s biggest opposition party, Donald Tusk, of implementing EU and German plans to force the euro currency on Poland. According to him, the leader of the Civic Platform (PO) performs tasks at the behest of Brussels in exchange for a potentially huge political payoff.

After Tusk finishes with the tasks given to him by the EU and Germany, he is to become the president of the European Commission, said Glapiński. Tusk will then be tasked with speeding up the creation of a European superstate, Glapiński told Polish media outlet Gazeta Polska.

Only two weeks ago, Glapiński was interviewed by Sieci weekly and argued that criticisms targeting him is a part of a greater plan of Germany, allegedly against Poland.

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The plan involves toppling the conservative government of Law and Justice (PiS), creating a “Tusk-led government,” and introducing Poland to the European Exchnage Rate Mechanism (ERM II) which would bind the Polish zloty and euro via a fixed exchange rate as a prelude to the introduction of the euro.

According to Glapiński, the heads of European central banks discussed this plan during informal talks at a meeting in Basel, Switzerland. These central bank heads from various European nations meet every two months in Basel, officially discussing the world’s financial situation, but the discussions also include international politics.

“For a year now, there have been talks that the task set for Tusk by Brussels is not just overthrowing Poland’s current ruling party but also introducing the euro currency in Poland,” said Glapiński.

“After Tusk completes those tasks, he is to return to Brussels, become the president of the European Commission and perform a sped-up construction of the European superstate. Only Tusk and Kristalina Georgieva are being considered as candidates,” said Glapiński.

The National Bank of Poland has recently notified the public prosecutor of public threats made by the two PO leaders.

During the party meeting in July, Tusk said that if his party wins the elections, he will “have Glapiński removed from the National Bank of Poland.” Tomasz Siemoniak, vice-leader of the Civic Platform, also mentioned “removing the president of the National Bank of Poland” after winning the elections.

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