EU funds European Commission National Recovery Plan survey News Poland

Survey: Majority of Poles are against European Commission blocking EU funding to Poland

The Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS) asked Poles how they evaluated the recent European Commission’s actions toward Poland. Out of those who responded, 49 percent stated that the Commission’s delay in approving the National Recovery Plan and the refusal to pay out funds to Poland from the EU Recovery Plan was an unacceptable form […]
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Ryszard Legutko, MEP, during his speech in the European Parliament Constitutional Tribunal ruling European Commission European Treaties Ryszard Legutko News Poland

The highest law in all EU countries remains their individual constitutions, according to Polish professor and MEP

According to MEP Ryszard Legutko, the comments of EU officials on the recent ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal show the growing brutality of EU politicians and institutions

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Energy European Commission gas green energy Hungary Viktor Orbán European Union Hungary

EU’s energy policy in disarray, while prices in much maligned Hungary remain stable

Hungarians have the lowest energy costs in Europe, and Viktor Orbán is calling on the EU to end its “stupid” green energy plan. What can Europe learn from Hungary’s policies to help save it from a full-blown energy crisis?

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LGBT ideology Świętokrzyskie region Poland Family Rights European Commission LGBT regional funds Regional parliament News Poland

Regional Polish parliament bends to EU pressure, repeals law opposing spread of ‘LGBT ideology’

Under pressure from the European Commission and Polish government, the Świętokrzystkie region’s local parliament repealed its two-year-long official opposition to the spreading of LGBT ideology

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European Commission Margaritis Schinas Migration Pact Crime France Hungary Migration News

After elections in France and Germany, EU will introduce ‘repackaged’ compulsory migrant quotas

Brussels bureaucrats appear to be certain of a radical electoral shift to the left in the largest European member states, and it will then be time to push compulsory migrant quotas, writes Daniel Deme for Remix News

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Marek Markiewicz EU polish judicial reforms European Commission Marek Markiewicz Polish judiciary reforms Rule-of-law News Poland

‘This is not the EU we joined,’ says senior Polish attorney

Marek Markiewicz says that the European Commission’s actions against Poland over the rule of law openly flout EU treaties that do not give the EU any authority to interfere in member state judicial systems

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CJEU European Commission Genowefa Grabowska Polish judiciary reforms News Poland

Poland has a right and responsibility to care for its own interests – commentary

The conflict between the European Commission and Poland over the judiciary has stopped being a legal conflict and became a political one instead, argues former MEP and professor of international law Genowefa Grabowska

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Disciplinary chamber European Commission Judiciary reforms ultimatum Vera Jourova News Poland

European Commission gives Poland ultimatum over Disciplinary Chamber

The European Commission warned Warsaw that if it did not comply with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling by August 16, the commission could request the imposition of financial sanctions

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European Commission Judit Varga Recovery and Resilience Facility Ursula von der Leyen Hungary News

Hungary says EU delayed RRF approval because of child protection law

European Commission delays the approval of the country’s share of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) because of the totally unrelated issue of the recently approved child protection law, Justice Minister Judit Varga said

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European Commission European Union Germany Russia Sergey Lavrov Vladimir Putin Commentary

For Moscow, conflict with EU is part of a larger plan

After Josep Borrell’s disastrous visit to Moscow, the Russians are ramping up the rhetoric against the EU to a new level in order to deliver a clear message, argues Marek Budzisz on portal

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European Commission Frans Timmermans Poland Politics Ryszard Czarnecki Commentary

Timmermans is creating conflicts, says Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki, a senior MEP of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) which is part of the European Conservative Reformers in the EP has criticized the EC’s VP Frans Timmermans for his behavior over Polish judicial reforms. In an interview for he accuses the EC official of attempting to push Poland around.

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European Commission European Union Jean-Claude Juncker Miroslav Lajčák Slovakia News

Lajčák criticizes Juncker for mismanaged EU expansion and immigration policy

After the end of Jean Claude-Juncker’s term as the head of the European Commission the EU wil be more divided than at the beginning, says Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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