Von der Leyen’s threat to intervene in democracy is a repetition of the Brezhnev Doctrine from the Soviet Union

Ursula von der Leyen’s view that the European Commission can bring down governments in member states is reminiscent of the Brezhnev Doctrine, which stated the Soviet Union had a duty to protect socialism in the countries of the Warsaw Pact, writes Michał Karnowski

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Michał Karnowski

It was all so predictable. Meloni branded as extreme right, the threat of “fascism,” and the democratic majority being labeled as radical, irresponsible, and ungrateful for the Soros enlightenment. It’s the same liberal media circus that has gone after Jarosław Kaczyński, Viktor Orbán, Janez Janša, Donald Trump, and others.

In Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza, the paper of well-known liberal intellectual Adam Michnik, has poured out hectoliters of bile mourning that the EU, which reacted to the Ukraine crisis with greater integration, is once more returning to a ”nationalist path.”

For over a thousand years, our ancestors cultivated statehood, a nationalist awareness. An awareness that all those who are patriots must now do everything in their power to defend. 

In order to do that we must overcome the von der Leyen doctrine as expressed during the Italian election campaign. A doctrine highly reminiscent of the Brezhnev Doctrine of 1968, which was used to justify the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia. A doctrine that stated that the USSR has the right to intervene militarily if the principles of the socialist system are violated in any of the countries of the communist bloc. It was defined as protecting these countries against “alien anti-socialist forces” and the restoration of capitalism. In fact, it was a declaration of Moscow’s control over the whole communist bloc. 

Today, Ursula von der Leyen is declaring something similar. All the treaties, constitutions, and democratic elections are secondary to the will of the European super-government if that body, the European Commission, rules that European values and interests are being violated.

As with the Brezhnev Doctrine, it has no legal basis. It is all about naked force. Not, for the time being, military force but rather financial blackmail, political leverage, and sanctions. The “tools” at the disposal of the Commission that von der Leyen mentioned are political rulings, blockades, and pressure. 

Von der Leyen could not have been clearer. She said that the Commission has the power to bring Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Italy to heel regardless of democratic elections. So, if elections deliver the “wrong result,” rule of law, democracy, and sovereignty can be overridden in support of German interests and preferences. 

Opposing the von der Leyen doctrine is now the task of all European patriots. We must not allow the noble cause of European cooperation, free trade, and a single market to be transformed into a new form of enslavement by which everything becomes centrally regulated, including religion, education, family law, and migration. The idea of creating a German-dominated European superstate that limits the development of others and takes away their sovereignty and independence must be rejected. 

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