Italy WWII Germany

Germany sues Italy to end WWII compensation trials

Germany has filed a lawsuit against Italy before the Hague International Court of Justice over a long-running dispute regarding World War II reparations between the two countries. Berlin said Rome had repeatedly violated a 2012 ruling by the Hague-based court, which decided that foreign courts could not hear cases in which victims demanded compensation for […]
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Baltic states Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Poland European Union
6M AGOBaltic states Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Poland European Union

Italy’s open borders policy makes a joke of Poles and Balts defending eastern flank

EU migration policy is dictated by the weakest links, with countries like Italy opening their ports to illegal immigrants en masse even as Poland and the Baltic states deploy thousands of troops in defense of their borders, writes Olivier Bault for Remix News

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Brothers of Italy Georgia Meloni health pass Illegal Immigration Italy League Matteo Salvini Italy
7M AGOBrothers of Italy Georgia Meloni health pass Illegal Immigration Italy League Matteo Salvini Italy

Why Meloni’s Brothers of Italy have taken over from Salvini’s League as the leading right-wing party

While those taking part in street protests against the health pass are called fascists by the governing left, Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni are coming to their defense. But the only major party that truly opposes the Italian Chinese-style green pass is Meloni’s Brothers of Italy.

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