Orbán, Meloni say migration must be stopped

By Dénes Albert
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks in Rome with Giorgia Meloni, president of the Italian Fratelli d’Italia party, on Friday. At the meeting, the two politicians discussed the situation of the European right and the growing threat of migration, Orbán’s press secretary Bertalan told national news agency MTI on Saturday.

The topic of migration pressure due to the collapse of Afghanistan was discussed at the meeting, which was also attended by Katalin Novák, Fidesz’s Vice President for International Affairs.

They agreed that mass immigration is not a solution, help should be brought where the problems arise instead of importing the problems themselves, and European countries must withstand the growing migratory pressures from land and sea, Bertalan Havasi said after meeting.

The two party presidents explained that their common goal was to make the right the dominant political force in Europe again.

On his Facebook page, Orbán posted the picture alongside Meloni with the Italian words “due fratelli” (two siblings).

Title image: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (L) and Fratelli d’Italia leader Giorgia Meloni on Rome on August 28. ( source: Facebook)

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