Orbán, Salvini, Morawiecki discuss creating new conservative political group at the EU level

Several European parties have expressed their intent of joining a new conservative police bloc at the EU level

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: MTI
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a video conference with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieczki and League leader Matteo Salvini. (MTI/Prime Minister's Press Office)

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the president of Hungary’s Fidesz, held a videoconference on Wednesday with Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian League party, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the vice-president of the Law and Justice (PiS) party, to form a new European political group.

Orbán’s press secretary Bertalan Havasi discussed the results of the discussion, telling national news agency MTI that the three leaders produced a successful declaration on the future of Europe, the protection of nation states and traditional values ​​issued by 16 parties in July, which aroused great interest across the continent and attracted a number of political organizations.

There was also talk that the European party families of the League and PiS, Identity and Democracy (ID) and the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) will continue their talks this week on concrete forms of future cooperation.

Back in April, the three leaders announced after a Budapest meeting that they will work together towards a “European renaissance,” seeing how the largest formerly conservative group, the European People’s Party, has increasingly abandoned its traditional values in favor of pursuing a left-wing agenda.

“We want a European renaissance, and we will work together for that in the future,” Orbán said after the April meeting,

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