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The election in a European country (to be named later in this article) was won by a party claiming it was anti-establishment along with the strongest party of a center-right party, which both parties then forming an alliance to enter into a coalition government. But time began running out, and within a year the right-wing anti-immigration interior minister implemented the strict migration policy he promised during his campaign, which will prevent migrant ships from entering the country’s harbors and penalize the people smuggling vessels of the Soros network. His party’s popularity doubled while his partners’ popularity is cut in half.

In the wake of coalition tensions, the right-wing party leaves the government, and the anti-elites from the other party, who constantly talk about the will of the people, unite with the Social Democrats who they previously criticized at every turn — all only in order to prevent early elections. The press envisions the fall of the government every week, but it refuses to fail. Time goes by, there comes a pandemic that no one believes is being handled well, but the government still don’t fail.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the complete coalition is being kept at ransom by a small party that has broke off from the Social Democrats, and which is controlled by a former prime minister, a well-known political gambler. Now, we’re at the stage when he ousts the most popular politician, the prime minister, prevents early elections and gets the prime minister he wants.

While this could be subject of a riveting TV drama, unfortunately that is the reality in Italy. Is it any surprise to anyone that the European Commission only had a problem with stopping migrant ships and not a country ignoring the will of the electorate?

We should have no illusions: they blame the pandemic, but it is clear that they do not want to hold elections because the right would win and the left would lose many seats and just as many well-paid jobs. Who would want more hungry mouths during an epidemic? Brussels is full of mercy and understanding — at least when it comes to the left.

Vera Jourová, vice-president of the European Commission for Values ​​and Transparency can take an intense interest in the Italian situation simply from the point of view of her own position because what the left-wing political elite is doing there has little in common with either European values or transparency.

Instead, however, the liberal Commissioner tells Handelsblatt that her interests were clearly focused on Hungary and Poland. We already knew this is the case because of the awkward attempts in Brussels feigning concern for the rule of law as a European value, rather than wanting to overthrow right-wing, conservative governments on an ideological basis.

As Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga pointed out yesterday, the Committee will run the played-out record again this year again about the rule of law. The independence of the judiciary, the fight against corruption, media pluralism, and the operation of checks and balances are subject to prior consultation, again with so-called NGOs for the sake of diversity.

This doesn’t require a huge amount of work, as it is clear from the documents in Brussels which members of the Soros network are on Ms. Jourová’s telephone speed dial.

We really don’t want to disrupt the right of the Soros-financed, bureaucratic elite from their usual annual in-house entertainment of targeting Hungary and Poland, but please also do something useful for Europe while you’re at it.


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