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The truth about freedom of the press in Hungary – commentary

Where is democracy and rule of law most prominent – Budapest or Brussels? “What a question!” would be the response of both the mainstream media and the majority of EU MEPs. After all, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been demonized for years and set up as a dictator. Our comparison makes it clear that […]
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The situation in Hungary is a matter for Hungarian voters

A debate hosted by Czech Radio offered different views on the situation in Hungary. According to commentator Lubos Palata, Hungarian democracy has collapsed and the country is falling into the hybrid regime. On the other hand, Frantisek Matejka, chairman of the Independence Party, thinks that Hungary is a sovereign country, thus the situation there is the highest will of the people.

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European paradoxes

Commentator and former ODS member Karolina Stonjekova recently penned an article for Czech Radio Plus in which she sharply criticized Judith Sargentini and backed Viktor Orbán. The public service station refused to publish it but after it posted to Facebook, it prompted what some may consider a surprising response.

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