Lesson of 1968? Those who deny that we belong to the democratic West betray the nation

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Chairman of ODS, the largest conservative party in the Czech Republic, criticizes statements of Communist Vojtěch Filip and recalls the historical and symbolic role of August 1968.

The gradual bagatelization of communism and the rehabilitation of various forms of socialism led us to the left-wing merging government, directly involved by the Communists.

According to Fiala the public space overwhelms the ridiculous statements. Unfortunately, sense is no longer what decides the media.

The fragile existence of our independence can only be defended through the democratic system. Only democratic states with their rule of law, public decision-making and guaranteed freedoms are a guarantee of security and sovereignty for other democratic states.

Not nations and sates, but ideologies, authoritarian regimes and lack of freedom are a threat for us. This is the lesson from August 1968. Our future must be democratic. Another journey will sooner or later bring only tanks.

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