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Spain: National conservative Vox party calls on left-wing government to condemn Cuba’s communist dictatorship

Spain’s national-conservative Vox party has called on the country’s ruling left-wing coalition government to condemn Cuba’s communist dictatorship in the wake of the largest protests to hit the Latin American country since Fidel Castro seized power more than sixty years ago.  The Vox Parliamentary Group last week submitted a motion which urged Spain’s left-wing government, […]
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Kiszczak’s archive sold to Americans

Multiple documents from the head of Poland’s communist police and special services archive have been sold to the US Hoover Institution Library & Archives in Stanford. Polish Radio journalist Wiktor Świetlik explains how these documents relate to Poland’s post-communist heritage.

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Chairman of the Communists distorts history

Leader of the Communist Party Vojtěch Filip insisted that Russia had played little part in the invasion in August 1968. According to him, the main role was played by the Ukrainian army. His words have outraged the Ukrainian Embassy and a large number of Czech politicians.

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