Chairman of the Communists distorts history

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“No one will write that the whole idea is based on anti-Russian attitude. In the Soviet politburo, there was only one Russian in that time who voted against (invasion). Brezhnev was from Ukraine. The main force of invasion armies was the Ukrainians, “ stated Filip.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic named Filip’s statements as nonsense. Filip was further criticized, for instance, by deputy chairman of TOP 09 Markéta Adamová. “According to comrade Filip, Russians are not responsible for the invasion in 1968 because Brezhnev was a Ukrainian. Based on this logic, the Germans are not responsible for the World War because Hitler was an Austrian. The Slovaks brought about the normalization and Georgia is responsible for millions of dead people in the USSR since Stalin was born in Georgia,“ Adamová said.

“The Communists have clear responsibility for August 1968 and consequent occupation of our country. And it does not matter whether Brezhnev was a Russian or a Ukrainian as well as it does not matter that KSČ was renamed to KSČM,“ added Zbyněk Stanjura /ODS/.

President Miloš Zeman also opposed Filip’s statements. “Occupation was a crime, and the president’s opinion has been the same since 1968. Let us be happy that today we can freely say this truth,” the president’s spokesman Jiri Ovaccek wrote on Facebook yesterday.

The others pointed out that it was Filip and his party that the current government relied on during the vote of confidence. “And such a whizz was chosen by the movement ANO as the first deputy chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, and the movement cheerfully governs with him. Better to honestly loose than to win with such teammates!,“ thinks Jan Bartošek /KDU-ČSL/.

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