Czech Republic to offer help to Italy and Malta to protect their borders

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During his official visit to Italy and Malta, PM Andrej Babiš will offer unmanned aircraft to help the two countries guard their borders and combat illegal migration.

Migration will be the main theme of the PM´s visit, where Babiš wants to talk about smugglers. “It is a huge business, and these criminals are making billions of euros. Europe has to fight intensively against the smugglers,” said Babiš.

For Babiš, the use of Czech aircraft is an alternative to taking refugees. That´s something Babiš has refused several times before when he described such a step as a “road to hell and motivation for smugglers“.

The Czech PM promotes in particular the rigorous protection of the EU’s external borders, as well as assistance in those countries which are sources of migration.

“We’ll see the reaction. It is good to present it in the world and say: This is what we want to offer,“ Babiš said, while visiting Primoco’s headquarters in Radotín, Prague, which is developing unmanned airplanes.

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