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Poland has among the lowest birth rates in the world, and migrant births aren’t solving the demographic crisis

Over 15,000 out of 272,700 births recorded in Poland in 2023 were migrants, meaning that 5.5 percent of all births in Poland last year were of foreign origin, according to data from Poland’s Central Office of Statistics (GUS). Back in 2021, out of that year’s 331,000 births, only 7,000 were the offspring of migrants, representing 2 […]
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European Union Hamas migration Polish elections Commentary
5M AGOEuropean Union Hamas migration Polish elections Commentary

What sort of people celebrate massacres of civilians? 

As Israel reels from the shock of the massacres committed by Hamas terrorists, we in Europe have to reassess our attitudes toward migrants, many of whom actually celebrated the carnage on the streets of Western cities, and the Polish election on Sunday gives us that chance, writes Petar Petrovic for portal TVPInfo

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Andrzej Duda European Union migration relocation News Poland
5M AGOAndrzej Duda European Union migration relocation News Poland

Polish president: The EU’s ‘calls for European solidarity on migration are fairy tales’

In an interview with commercial TV network Polsat News, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Poland is not willing to accept compulsory relocation of migrants and no number of sanctions and quotas will change the country’s mind

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8M AGODonald Tusk elections migration Polish opposition Commentary Poland

Poland: Tusk’s about-face on migration tests his credibility, but a third of voters will accept whatever he says

Donald Tusk’s criticism of the ruling party on migration policy may be hypocritical and reminiscent of the behavior of a dodgy car salesman, but he is believed by many voters and his tactics could prove successful, writes Marek Pyza

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2 YEARS AGOConstitution Constitutional Court European Union Hungary Judit Varga migration Viktor Orbán European Union Hungary

Hungary’s top court gives government wiggle room on immigration policy

Hungarian leaders have taken an oath to the national constitution, which means that this national document and not EU treaties are dictating the government’s decisions

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