The plan to end Poland

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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During his recent visit to Poland, President Joe Biden was visibly moved when he recalled his audience with Pope John Paul II in 1980. He said how moved he was that the pope accentuated that he was speaking with him as a Pole.

“That’s when I understood what a force Poland is,” said Biden. 

Biden had barely left Poland when influential media outlets began their massive assault on the memory of John Paul II — a particularly deceitful and shameful attack. 

The Catholic and conservative media have reacted, but it is sad that so many people who knew John Paul II were cowed by this attack instead of rising up to defend him — including those described as Catholic commentators and friends of the Polish pope. 

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There is a plan for a great robbery of Poles. We are to be robbed of our statehood, property and spiritual heritage. According to Germany’s political allies, Poland is to become a pool of cheap labor for hire and Poles should be forced to migrate for better opportunities elsewhere. They should not be owners. That is why the economy should be in foreign hands, and Polish forests should be managed from Brussels. There also should be no need for welfare programs for the family or for pensioners. In Poland, these kinds of social programs for the common good are called “profligacy,” whereas in Germany it’s called “social policy.”

In order to assert control, first Poland’s legal, economic, monetary and political sovereignty must be removed. All that is needed is to get rid of the right of veto inside the EU. Once that happens, every important decision that affects Poland’s future can be made behind the nation’s back. Then, a new European treaty and the process of a new partition will become a reality. 

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These goals cannot be achieved without destroying Polish heritage, traditions and spirit. Poland’s heroes must be questioned, and the social ties that bind the nation together must be broken. The memory of Polish history is to be twisted, and the Polish faith must be destroyed. That is why the Catholic Church is under such attack and why the name of John Paul II must be dragged through the mud.

A nation of cheap laborers can’t be allowed to feel pride in anything or anyone. It must feel shame. It must be cowed. 

This is in effect a rerun of German propaganda campaigns during the Third Reich. During the occupation of Poland, German media portrayed Poles as just laborers content with sausage and vodka — nothing more. But even those German Nazi publications did not attack the Church. As we learn from the Goebbels Diaries, that drastic step was to come later. 

That “later” is here and now. Will we allow it by giving them power, the power they want to break us? 

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