Slovaks set up camps for potential asylum seekers from Ukraine

By Lucie Ctverakova
1 Min Read

Slovakia is preparing for a migration wave due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While yesterday, the situation at the border crossings between Slovakia and Ukraine was still calm, as the conflict escalated on Thursday morning, long lines began to form.

“At the border crossings with Ukraine, we did not notice an increased movement,” commented the Slovak Ministry of the Interior yesterday.

“Slovakia maintains friendly relations with Ukraine, and in the event of armed aggression against our neighbor, we are ready to help Ukraine,” it added.

Slovakia shares a border with Ukraine that is almost 98 kilometers long.

“As soon as we record an increase in the number of migrants, we will immediately deploy our forces and resources to the eastern border,” said Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Naď before the invasion.

Slovakia is ready to strengthen controls at its border crossings and the so-called green border.

“If necessary, it is also possible to build control and registration centers at the border,” the press department added.

For the potential asylum seekers, the Slovak migration office has already prepared a Humenné detention camp and residential camps in Rohovce and Opatovská Nová Ves.

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