Boris and the crazy Conservatives

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British politician Boris Johnson caused a political storm when he likened Middle Eastern women wearing burqas to mailboxes.

The London Police Chief of Staff, for example, consulted with police specialists on whether Johnson commit a hate crime. Conservative Chairman Brandon Lewis and Conservative Muslim Forum Chairman Lord Sheikh then launched an investigation into Boris’s behavior.

The Conservative Party is divided into two parts – those who support Johnson and Brexit on one side and those who are anti-Boris and anti-Brexit on the other. The latter want to punish Johnson and there is a threat that they will leave the party if Johnson becomes its leader.

Pro-Brexit members consider these activities an attempted coup and an attack of political correctness on democracy.  “A gift to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party swayed in blaming of anti-Semitism,“ Kuras said, quoting views of Conservative politicians supporting Johnson.

Two popular authorities are arguing whether Johnson’s joke was good, or bad. “YES” says comedian Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), “NO” says Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens. Meanwhile, in Leicester burglars attacked a jewellery store and beat the jeweller to death – disguised in a burqa.

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