Czechia commemorates 1968 invasion victims with day of rememberance

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The Czech Senate officially announced that Aug. 21 will serve as the official day to commemorate victims of the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia and subsequent occupation by Warsaw Pact troops.

According to the authors of the proposal, the invasion of armies of the Warsaw Pact to the then Czechoslovakia was one of the most tragic events in Czechoslovak modern history, with the invasion leading to the end of the democratization process and efforts to reform the socialist system in the country.

The invasion also brought a considerable number of civilian casualties, which is why the day will serve to commemorate the dozens of victims of the invasion.

The Senate approved the enactment of the Day of Remembrance for Invasion Victims as a part of the public holidays’ law.

The amendment was submitted by 90 MPs. Now, President Miloš Zeman has to sign it for the day to become an official holiday.

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