Ample Strike will take place between September 3rd and 14th

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Almost 1,200 soldiers from 19 countries will participate in one of the biggest military training exercises in the Czech Republic, which will include the US B-52 bomber, the Gripen, German tornadoes and the Eurofighter.

The aim of the training is to reconcile the activities of the pilots and air guides, the so-called JTAC, who guide pilots of planes and helicopters to the target, serving as their “eyes”. On that account, they often move in battlefields or in enemy territory.

Almost all bodies of the Czech army will participate in the training. “We need to secure, for example, healthcare, provide training ammunition, technology as targets, allocate resources for transporting people and material, and secure food preparation,“ said Zdeněk Gabriel, head of the training. Costs related to the training are paid by each of the participating countries on their own.

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