French philosopher Zemmour: Hungary and Poland are being blackmailed by the EU because they don’t want migrants and won’t submit to the LGBT lobby

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Hungary and Poland, two legitimate democracies, are now the targets of blackmail from the European Union over their stance on migration and LGBT issues, warned French philosopher and writer Éric Zemmour said on Wednesday on French news channel CNews

Zemmour also believes that the Hungarian and Polish concepts of democracy might be different from the one generally accepted in the Western world, but they are no less viable.

“It is very simple. There are two democracy concepts — the traditional one is that of Lincoln, ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,'” Zemmour said. “And there is the concept of the constitutional state. It says that all the actions of the power must be authorized and controlled by a judge… Hungary and Poland have a noble conception of democracy, not a conception based on the power of judges. They don’t want the multiculturalism the EU wants to impose on them.”

Zemmour said that while the first idea of democracy “for the people” is a fundamental concept, while the second is of a procedural nature, and while former French President François de Gaulle said the Supreme Court is the “people”, he was in fact saying what today’s technocratic concept of democracy actually is, which equates to giving all the power to the judges. On the other hand, Maximilien Robespierre, one of the key figures of the French Revolution, said he would like to see the dreadful word “jurisprudence” disappear from the French language, according to Zemmour. 

“Orbán and the Poles have very noble precedents: their democracy concept is not a sub-democracy or an inferior democracy… I also think that if we have to mention a crisis of democracy in the past 20 years, that it is because we have abandoned the authentic popular concept of democracy for cold, procedural, judicial concept that gives all the power to the judges,” said Zemmour.

“I find it absolutely lamentable what France, the [European] Commission and Germany are doing to Hungary and Poland,” he said. “The Hungarians and the Poles have the right to organize themselves as they want. It is extraordinary to see that the Commission and the major European countries want to impose concepts of state, democracy, law and morale and criticize Poland for refusing to be dominated by the LGBT lobby.”

Zemmour believess that much of the reason for the EU’s pursuit of the two countries is tied to their stance on migration and their conservative viewpoints on LGBT issues. 

“The European Commission and France are blackmailing them because these two nations do not want migrants, nor will they submit to the LGBT lobby,” said Zemmour. “I think that Hungary and Poland will not give in on migrants and the demands of the European Commission. They don’t want the multicultural society that the Commission and France want to impose on them.”

Zemmour said by the same token Hungary is being criticized for not wanting to take in tens of thousands of migrants. Both Hungary and Poland have recently been the targets of rule of law hearings, with prominent EU officials and politicians threatening to cut EU funding if the two countries do not comply with EU demands, including on LGBT issues

“These peoples have the right to organize themselves as they want to,” Zemmour said. “So what is democracy? Is it obeying the concepts of the Brussels’ Commission, which are quite respectable, but one should also be able to question them. I for one contest them, just as Orbán and Poland do.”

“Should we have the right to contest or is it that we have to submit to them, as the former Eastern Europe had to submit to the Soviet Union?” he asked.

He said the Commission’s drive to link EU funding to rule of law requirements is nothing but “economic blackmail”.

Zemmour, who is Jewish, has grown increasingly popular in France for his conservative views on migration and culture, including for his recent calls to deport unaccompanied minors, and his warning that mass migration to Europe is a crime that would end in “bloodshed”. French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly increasingly worried about the record viewership numbers Zemmour is gaining on the CNews program, with Zemmour now being targeted by an ethics committee, which will determine if he is appearing on the program too often. 

Title image: French philosopher and writer Éric Zemmour.

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