The situation in Hungary is a matter for Hungarian voters

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Hungary is a sovereign state whose right is to govern its territory if it has the mandate from voters. Orban has clearly won the election and has achieved an incredible result that Western politicians have never seen before. “We would not have talked about Hungary if it did not differ from the European Union’s protagonists view on deeper integration. That’s all,” Matejka said, assessing the situation in Hungary.

Commentator Palata does not agree with this and pointed to the social dimension of demonstrations and the functioning of public media in the country. The Hungarian elections were, according to him, free but not fair, he then compared the Hungarian regime to the Russians.

“It is a matter of Hungarian voters. If they do not like it someone else will take over the government and set up media broadcasting rules,” Matejka opposed. The key, according to him, is the worldview of media employees. If they want to, they can portray a thousand demonstrators as an incredible force or, on the contrary, hundreds of demonstrations as a marginal expression of extremists. He also pointed out the decreasing number of demonstrators who are now just a thousand compared to Orban’s supporters and voters.


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