Poland could gain more from ditching EU funds than fulfilling required ‘milestones’

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
5 Min Read

It is hard not to agree with a statement made by senior MEP Zdzisław Krasnodębski on Radio WNET, who said it was time to end negotiations with the European Commission and give up the National Recovery Plan (KPO) funds “to make it clear that the transformation will not advance the way the Commission hopes for.” Especially as the so-called milestones include requirements that were not approved by the Polish Sejm, not to mention Polish citizens.

The money from the EU recovery fund was not so much to preserve economies hit by the COVID-19 pandemic but to help in the “green” transformation, an incredibly costly and, frighteningly, a completely thoughtless leftist experiment. The debt incurred by countries is shared by the whole community, which could in the future lead to the further financial binding of member states’ economies into one.

The European Commission de facto hit three birds with one stone by proposing this solution: It showed that it is not remaining idle in terms of the pandemic in order to restore its reputation, it made the next step in the creation of an EU super-state, and it found a method to at least partially finalize the Green Deal.

It is clear as day that it is Brussels that should care about Poland taking the funds for the KPO. Meanwhile, those funds were used by the Commission, instigated by the Polish opposition, to blackmail Poland and attempt to introduce anarchy and destabilize the government. This blatant mistake of Brussels should be used by Poland to stop realizing mad ideas of eurocrats, especially now that Europe is in a serious crisis and the next phases of transitioning economies to being “green” will only deepen it.

Prices of all products and fuels are already on the rise. Energy bills are going up, and this is only the beginning, as from next year, new contracts for gas or other energy means will be in force and, consequently, new rates. The Commission is planning to impose new taxes on top of all that. It is also not yet known how the situation on the allowance market for CO2 will develop; however experts believe that a new increase in prices is to be expected. If the “green” madness is not stopped, the size of the economic catastrophe could surpass all others that we have experienced in history.

It is also worth mentioning that regarding the KPO, the Commission did not play fair from the start, as there was no approval by the Sejm for introducing elements of the Green Deal in the so-called milestones, as it has not yet even gone through the EU institutions’ legislative route. Despite this, the Commission imposed such terms on Poland. This fact alone could be reason enough to terminate all of the current arrangements.

The course of action proposed by Krasnodębski is the only logical option. We do not want the funds for the KPO but in return we will not realize the transformation at a pace that EU ideologists would wish for, because we simply cannot afford it, and let’s face it, those funds would not cover the enormous costs of switching to a “green” economy.

It is worth noting that the Polish government does not have much to lose in this matter, but it can in fact gain a lot. There should be no doubt that the Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen will not rest until the Polish government has been overthrown, and replaced with Donald Tusk’s government. It is now certain that it will go to any lengths to achieve this goal, even breaking the law.

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