Polish police do YMCA dance to comfort quarantined kids

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A touching video of Polish police officers dancing for quarantined children during the coronavirus crisis has become a hit on the Polish web.

A pair of police officers from Nowy Dwór Gdański in northern Poland first arrived to check whether children under quarantine were present at home and then decided to spread a bit of cheer during what is clearly a difficult time.

The officers broke out in dance for the isolated kids to the rhythm of the famed “Y.M.C.A” song. The spectacle was recorded and shared online, much to the approval and joy of many others.

The recording was also subtitled with the words: “Police officers for children under quarantine. Over the next two weeks we can connect and get to know each other better, while also passing the time. Hold on over there – we’re for you and with you!”

Once published, the performance became a huge hit online and in just one hour received 5,000 likes, close to 2,000 shares on Facebook, and many kind comments.

“You are amazing, please can we have more such police officers,” said one social media user.

“An amazing gesture,” said another.

“Police officers are people too, and I think we sometimes forget that,” wrote someone else.

“Thank you for moving me to tears,” another admitted.

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