Muslim mothers and children ‘threw stones together’ during violent Swedish riots, chief prosecutor claims

Muslim rioters clash with the police over Easter weekend.
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It was not only young men but also mothers and children who took part in the violent riots in Sweden on Easter weekend, said Eva Nemec Nordh, the chief prosecutor at Linköping’s Public Prosecutor’s Office,,

The Muslim riots took place in Skäggetorp in Linköping, where around 200 people participated — mainly young men but also burka-clad women and children. The rioters burned police vehicles and injured dozens of officers, some severely. They were protesting Danish far-right supporters organized by Stram Kurs who vowed to publicly burn a Quran.

Sweden has long suffered from disastrous immigration policies and Muslim migrants especially have been responsible for large increases in crime, a reality the establishment media has often sought to obfuscate.

“Mothers and children threw stones together. The mothers patted the children and cheered,” said Eva Nemec Nordh. “It feels completely absurd. Families with children participated together with young men. It is completely crazy that you take your children into such an environment,” the chief prosecutor added.

Women and children also appeared in the riots in Rinkeby in Stockholm, according to eyewitness Garip Güneş.

“I heard a mother brag to a friend that her son, who is 11 or 12, had gone out to throw stones when he heard about the Quran burning,” he said. “In such situations, women often have a calming effect, but today women also threw stones. Their children were next to them, and they did not care.”

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