Migrants filmed their ride on the chassis of a truck, then walked along motorway to Prague

One of the Syrians was given an order to leave the EU territory

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jan Salichov
A car of the Police of the Czech Republic. (Police of the Czech Republic/Facebook)

The Police of the Czech Republic secured unusual footage from one of two detained Syrian migrants. The footage shows a dangerous ride on the chassis of a Turkish truck, which was used to travel to Germany illegally.

“The journey of the two migrants ended in the evening of October 6 around 6 p.m. at the motorway rest stop on the 137th kilometer of the D1 motorway,” said police spokeswoman Dana Čírtková.

Migrants filmed the dangerous ride on a truck chassis

The police received a call concerning two men who got out of a truck at a rest stop and continued on foot along the motorway in the direction of Prague. Thus, patrols from the Velký Beranov motorway department went to the spot.

“In a short time, the police found both men and took them back to the motorway rest area so that they would not linger on the motorway and thus endanger themselves and road users,” Čírtková detailed.

Police found that the two brothers of Syrian nationality were traveling hiding in the chassis of a truck with a Turkish registration plate. The truck was then tracked down by police.

“The driver told the police that since September 30, he has been traveling from Turkey on the route of Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech Republic. He wanted to take a short break in the parking lot,” said Čírtková.

The patrol transferred both foreigners to the Foreign Police Department. Following a Covid-19 test and identity verification, one of them received a decision compelling him to leave EU territory by November 5.

“We also issued a decision to the second foreigner, obliging him to leave the territory of the Member States of the European Union. But since then, we have found out through our information system that he is an applicant for international protection in Romania, and therefore a so-called Dublin procedure will be initiated against him. He will be offered to return to this country. Until then, he will stay in the Vyšní Lhota Detained Foreigners Facility,” said Oldřich Chaloupka, Head of the Foreign Police Department of the Regional Police Directorate of the Vysočina Region.

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