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Timmermans is creating conflicts, says Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki, a senior MEP of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) which is part of the European Conservative Reformers in the EP has criticized the EC’s VP Frans Timmermans for his behavior over Polish judicial reforms. In an interview for wpolityce.pl he accuses the EC official of attempting to push Poland around.

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Czarnecki accused Frans Timmermans of being totally “insensitive to facts and arguments” and of being “indifferent to the decisions being taken by the Polish government” to accommodate EC concerns. “He is always first to a witch hunt against Poland. That is what its really about for him and the left he represents. The judicial system, logging in the primeval Białowieża forest and many other issues are just being exploited to fight against Poland.”

Mr Czarnecki felt that Frans Timmerman’s meddling in Polish internal affairs was “exasperating and outrageous. Poland is not some cell of the European Socialists to be told what to do. Its embarrassing for the European left and the European establishment for him to be acting in this way.” 

He is always first to a witch hunt against Poland. That is what its really about for him and the left he represents

The Polish MEP said that he was “virtually certain” that the actions of Mr Timmermans are not unconnected to the fact that not so long ago the EC official was honored by Poland’s liberal anti-government daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” and awarded the title of “man of the year”. 

Commenting on the EC VP’s views on Poland’s judicial reforms Czarnecki said that he regarded Timmermans as “extremely biased and interested in creating conflict between Poland and Brussels. Conflict which is in support of Poland’s opposition.”

He also attacked Frans Timmermans for breaking the ban on EC Commissioners conducting election campaigns. “He breaks the law and himself accused Poland of breaking the law. That’s paranoia,” concludes Ryszard Czarnecki.