What comes ‘the day after’ the coronavirus pandemic?

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British experts believe that we’ll have to wait for the end of the pandemic until… spring 2021? Maybe such optimistic analysis was conducted during the time when Prime Minister Boris Johnson still believed that due to economic considerations, restaurants, pubs, clubs, should all remain open.

The final victory over COVID-19 will be spread out over time and will not be like military victories where a single date often marks defeat or victory. This fight will end with many casualties on several continents.

When it comes to the epidemic, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic turned out to be European trendsetters – just like it was with Hungary when it came to migration. These countries secured their borders early and put in place harsh but effective restrictions.

While Southern Europe is fighting a deadly battle, Central-Eastern Europe is experiencing relatively few deaths Although statistics won’t lessen the sorrows of families, I want to believe that the lower losses to COVID-19 in Poland (and the Czech Republic) come from the much quicker response of the governments, excellent organization of medical services and a high degree of self-discipline in each society.

The outcome in Poland certainly has been different from what happened in Italy or Spain, but the main shockwave of the pandemic is most likely still ahead of us.

If one trusts official data, China already has the worst behind it but India, the second most populous country, is only starting its fight.