Totalitarianism in the name of freedom could happen in Poland: opinion

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The 15-year-old son of my niece, who has a British father, decided to move from London to Poland to attend school here. His decision had nothing to do with Brexit, but rather with the good relations with his grandparents and mother’s family, as well as his interest in Poland.

In fact, the boy appreciated that in Poland schools are free from leftist ideology and LGBT propaganda, which is certainly not the case in Great Britain.

It was then a surprise when the headmistress led his school in Poland out for an obligatory “climate strike” without asking the students about their opinion. The boy tried to ask why it was obligatory, as a “strike” should be a voluntary protest against unjust governing. The fact that the so-called strike was enforced by the school seemed to underline the top-down nature of what was supposed to be a spontaneous student protest.

His attempt to voice his opinion against his school’s actions touches on one of the most important issues of the modern day.

The cultural (or anti-cultural) revolution is not a spontaneous, dedicated rebellion from the grassroots. It is clearly directed at us and the young people of the West through mass culture, education and EU social policy.