Family and work come first for Poles

Poles value family life and work the most, according to a survey carried out by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS). In the last twenty years, the importance of earning money, political activity and job hunting abroad has decreased.

editor: REMIX NEWS

For them: work

In the survey titled “The daily activities of Poles: a self-portrait and image of Polish society in the years 1988-2018”, 70 percent of Poles said that work was the most important for people in their surroundings, while 61 percent cited family life as the most important. Earning money was 31 percent, health and safety 16 percent, education 11 percent, sport 10 percent, making the most out of life 10 percent, climbing the career ladder 9 percent and helping others 8 percent.

For me: family

Poles saw themselves and what was most important for them personally in a slightly different light. Considering their own priorities, 72 percent said family is most important, and work dropped to second at 53 percent. Health and safety were chosen by 23 percent of respondents, while 15 percent said earning money. Exercise was cited by 14 percent.

Physical activity and exercise and traveling have increased in the last twenty years, whereas earning money, political activity and moving abroad has decreased. The need to pursue higher education has also seen a drop in favor of taking care of one’s family. 


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