‘People have been taken over by a destructive ideological madness,’ says Polish MEP

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The support of foreign diplomats for the recent Warsaw Pride Parade is another example of the world going mad, says Law and Justice (PiS) MEP and professor Ryszard Legutko

Legutko was speaking in context of the participation of foreign diplomats in last week’s Pride Parade in Warsaw in an interview for portal Niezależna.

“It has become a permanent practice for some time. I treat this, first of all, as a violation of rules of diplomacy as foreign diplomats should not engage in any political activity in the country they are residing. This is written into the international convention, which has been in place for many years,” he said.

Legutko pointed out that pride parades in Poland have strong anti-government and anti-Polish sentiments and also include attacks on Catholic identity. By participating in such events, diplomats are supporting those actions and taking a clear political stance against Poland’s government.

He emphasized that the ambassadors who participated in the Warsaw Pride Parade should be reprimanded by the Polish foreign minister.