Almost every Ukrainian considers Poland to be a friendly country, polling shows

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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As many as 97 percent of Ukrainians consider Poland to be a friendly country, according to an infographic by the company Top Lead.

Top Lead specializes in creating visually appealing representations of various data and recently prepared a series on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

One of the graphics depicts the results of a poll on the attitude of Ukrainians towards different countries; the survey was conducted by Rating, a non-governmental research organization based in Ukraine. The study shows that 97 percent of the respondents consider Poland to be a friendly country — 86 percent consider it to be “definitely” friendly and 11 percent “rather” friendly.

A look at Ukrainian attitude towards France and Germany, however, reveals that these countries are not believed to be as sympathetic to the Ukrainian struggle — 68 percent of the respondents believe that France is a friendly country but 2 percent consider it to be a “rather hostile” country.

Furthermore, 65 percent of Ukrainians consider Germany to be a friendly country, but 4 percent of respondents believe it to be a “rather hostile” country and 1 percent “definitely hostile.”

A different infographic shows the total military, humanitarian, and financial aid donated to Ukraine by different countries. The data is for Oct. 3, 2022, and was prepared by the German Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

The largest amount of aid to Ukraine has been given, unsurprisingly, by the United States. Second place went to the EU, and third to the United Kingdom. Germany ended up just behind the podium in fourth, Canada was placed in fifth place, and Poland in sixth.

The data shows that Polish aid for Ukraine was not significantly smaller than German or Canadian. The country also donated much larger quantities of military aid than Canada or Germany, despite its smaller economy.

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