Greta Thunberg’s road to a new gulag

Now an adult, Thunberg wants to end global warming by overthrowing capitalism, writes Jacek Karnowski

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Jacek Karnowski

Greta Thunberg is no longer a child. She is a 19-year-old adult and now agitating for the overthrow of capitalism in order to save the planet from climate change.

Her publication “The Climate Book” calls for a systemic transformation, arguing that the present capitalist rules of the game have led to the supposed breakdown of the climate. 

She blames capitalism for exploiting people and the planet.

Thunberg says that capitalism is a system defined by colonialism, imperialism, oppression, and genocide in which the North of the globe amasses riches and dominates the world order. She believes economic growth is to blame for climate change and that the climate crisis is rooted in racism and exploitation. 

All is now clear. Greta’s whole mission of fighting climate change is just another embodiment of Marxism looking for a revolutionary transformation of the world. Once again, the objective is the creation of a new man who, freed of oppression, will live in paradise on earth. Utopia writ large.

This is why we need to take care, as every time this is tried it ends in the use of force, often leading to millions of victims. 

The belief that the world needs to be improved and capitalism must be overthrown, a system that has proven effective in eliminating hunger, advanced the living standards, and boosted know-how, is a repeat of Bolshevik madness.

We can only hope that this time around we will not allow ourselves to be manipulated by a new generation looking to eliminate “the enemies of the people.” Capitalism is about freedom. Its elimination would mean hunger and death.

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