Who do Poles like?

Czechs, Italians, Slovaks, Hungarians and Americans are among the most liked nationalities by Poles, according to the Center for Public Opinion Research (CBOS). Romanians and Arabic people are the least liked.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Czechs are at the very top, with 56 percent of those surveyed liking them. Second are Italians with 55 percent, Slovaks and Hungarians are third with 53 percent declaring their sympathy, and 51 percent like Americans. 

Romanians and Arabic people are the least liked. Poles also dislike Ukrainians (31 percent for sympathy and 41 percent for aversion). Russians are liked by only 28 percent of those polled. 

CBOS published the results of their survey on Twitter. The colors are: green for sympathy, blue for ambivalence, orange for aversion and grey for “hard to tell”. The top five are: Czechs, Italians, Slovaks, Hungarians and Americans. The bottom five: Jews, Russians, Romanians, Roma and Arabs.

“Out of the 22 nations, national and ethnic groups considered in the survey, in the case of 16 sympathy outweighs the rest more or less, in the case of 6 – aversion.”


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