The West’s self-aggression is contributing to its own downfall

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The self-aggression inflicted by the West has been the most serious factor of the deconstruction of the Western world, the consistent weakening of its position and the placing a question mark over its chances for continued existence. In defiance of all reason, the West simply started to genuinely hate itself and question its own right to exist.

Now, nobody needs any explanation that the Western world has become the subject of an open attack.

Everyone feels the immediacy of this threat due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which is de facto a war between Russia and the U.S. and the West — one that emerged at the Cold War’s end some 30 years ago. Academic debates previously conducted in the West on the clash of civilizations, or the new competition between countries such as China, India, or Russia, suddenly took the form of conventional battles and war atrocities near Kyiv and in Donbas.

It is worth remembering that over the last two decades no one has fought the West as much as the West itself. Its ability to look upon itself critically has always been an important quality of the Western civilization that never let it get bogged down in traditionalism and complacency. It was a fundamental driving force for a special innovativeness, in time giving the West an advantage over the world. 

However, what over the past 20 years grew in the Western societies, owing to the cultural left and right wing has nothing in common with healthy self-relativism, but instead resembles a mindless rush towards a complete self-negation and self-destruction.

It turns out that the West was and still is the only culprit of all evil. The West created slavery, racism, exploitation, wars; it is the West that exploits and destroys the world. Of course, nobody else has participated in these wrongs in all of human history. Everyone else were simply victims. So, if the West retreated into its cave (a right-wing conception) or simply ceased existing (a dream of the left-wing), the world would be incomparably better.

Both of those shocking solutions were whispered to the Western intellectuals and the public by the propaganda coming from Moscow and Beijing. The point is to further have the West lose its confidence, so it never occurs to Westerners that the West is a better place to live for than Russia or China for a reason.

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