The sovereignty of the family

American opponents of the traditional family model are afraid that the Hungarian example may become infectious, columnist Mariann Őry writes in daily Magyar Hírlap

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mariann Őry

California parents were outraged to learn that in a summer camp, biological male teachers using neutral personal pronouns and who identified as “they/them” slept in the same room as fifth-grade girls.

When asked if the camp organizers could guarantee that their little girls did not sleep in the same room as adult men, the answer to the parents was no. The identity of the teachers is a vague question based on the above information, but it is not difficult to understand why the parents involved were not satisfied with the school’s explanation.

“Do you know where such madness doesn’t happen? In Hungary. I’m just saying,” tweeted Rod Dreher, a well-known American conservative publicist and writer, while commenting on the news.

As Dreher pointed out, the above case is just one of many that can be read in the American and Western press, which proves that the Hungarian government with its Child Protection Act is not fighting unfounded horrors, as liberals claim. We were only laughing a few years ago at how they deal with neutral-sex toilets overseas, but when these toilets were installed in schools, it hasn’t been funny for a long time.

The tendency is that in schools, for the purpose of ideological education, not only do they not seek the permission of their parents, but they keep it a secret from them, deprive them of the right to make a decision, and alienate them from their own children. What we may have encountered in fictional dystopias is now a reality today.

Of course, the picture is not uniform in the United States either: although the country’s left-liberal leadership encourages an ideological manipulation program that is considered progressive, there is a great deal of resistance at the level of individual states. A child protection and parental rights law similar to the Hungarian one is being drafted in Florida.

For example, schools are banned from hiding information about their children from their parents. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it is becoming more and more common that when a child has doubts about his or her gender identity, the school immediately starts encouraging it, but at the same time, regularly conceals this information from the child’s parents.

There is a geographically closer example as well, as it was already declared in Scotland last year that a four-year-old child could decide on the basis of a statement what gender they were, and their kindergarten or school would respect their answer and parents would have no right to interfere. And we still have not touched upon what has been stuffed into the heads of unfortunate American schoolchildren over the last years with “critical race theory.”

Western liberals are as afraid of the Hungarian child protection law as they are of fire. It is no coincidence that, after the 2015 migration crisis, the Hungarian example is still attractive. A series of frightening analysis in the American mainstream press reveal that American Conservatives are fond of Viktor Orbán and would back similar measures taken by the Hungarian government. And the quiet majority of those living in Western countries are less and less quietly asking why, if Hungarians can still protect their families in the name of common sense, they can not.

The attacks on the Child Protection Act, including the open blackmail with EU funds, are intended to make the point that it is not about protecting the rights of parents and children. Support for a recent Polish law also indicates parents do not want all kinds of NGOs indoctrinating their children without the parents’ knowledge. We are not too late, a strong message needs to be sent.

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