Hungary is listed among the world’s most peaceful countries

Jumping two spots, Hungary now ranks 13th in the world

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet
Tourists in downtown Budapest.

Hungary has been ranked one of the most peaceful countries in the world, putting it ahead of countries such as Germany, Norway, Belgium, and Australia, according to the Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace, which compiles a global peace ranking every year known as the Global Peace Index.

This year, Hungary moved up two places in the 163-country ranking, which examines 23 factors to assemble its report. The indicators include the number of citizens who died participating in an external conflict, the number and outcome of violent demonstrations, the regulation of access to small arms, political instability or, for example, the size of the armed forces.

Unsurprisingly, Ukraine showed the biggest decline (153rd, down 17 spots compared to last year), followed by Guinea (down 26 places to 123rd in this year’s list), and then Kazakhstan.

Using the 23 indicators, the institute compiled a list of the biggest changes in each area, both positive and negative. In the field of physical and general security, the Nordic states stood out again (Iceland came first, Norway second, and Denmark fourth), while Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo performed worst in this area.

The world’s most peaceful countries. (source: Institute for Economics and Peace)

Countries that focus on building their armed forces actually suffer in the rankings, which means in this area Hungary finished behind Iceland, Slovenia, and New Zealand, presumably due to the development of its army and improvements in its military infrastructure in recent years.

Interestingly, the institute saw Europe as more peaceful this year than in 2021. The reason for this is clearly that, according to the research methodology used, Ukraine and Russia are located in the region called Eurasia and Russia.

The study added, however, that the effects of the war in Ukraine are undeniable. Greece improved its rating the most in Europe: It now stands in 53rd place, advancing 14 positions. Turkey is considered the least peaceful country for the 15 year running.

It is also due to the impact of events in Ukraine that Estonia’s ranking deteriorated the most. This is due to the increased risk from military aid shipments sent to Ukraine, as well as the violent demonstrations that developed as a result of coronavirus measures. Within Europe, Hungary is listed as the ninth most peaceful country.

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