Andrzej Duda would win decisively in first round of elections

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According to a survey carried out by Social Changes for, if the presidential elections took place this Sunday, incumbent Andrzej Duda would win in the first round with a record high result.

The remaining four candidates would see a very similar level of support, which means any of them could take second place. There is also an increasingly high level of voters declaring participation in the elections this time around.

Andrzej Duda would receive 59 percent of the votes in the first round, a six percentage point increase compared to the previous survey from last week.

Polish People’s Party leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz would get 10 percent of the votes, a two percentage point drop.

Third sees Civic Platform candidate Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska with nine percent, another two percentage point decrease.

Fourth place would belong to right-wing Confederation candidate Krzysztof Bosak with eight percent, a one percentage point increase and independent Szymon Hołownia would also receive eight percent of the vote, with a one percentage point loss.

Left candidate Robert Biedroń would be last out of the major candidates with five percent of votes.

Independent candidate Marek Jakubiak would receive just one percent of the vote.

Most importantly, turnout is also increasing. Just a week ago, only 29 percent of voters declared that they would participate compared to 36 percent in the latest survey.

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