ANO movement to support its chairman Babiš

PM and ANO chairman Babiš receives support ahead of a no-confidence vote in his cabinet to be held on Friday.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Saying that all party´s deputies will vote against the proposal, deputy chairman Jaroslav Faltýnek expects a no-confidence vote to fail. The Communists promised to support Babiš´ cabinet earlier this week and Faltýnek thinks the Social Democrats will do the same.

The Social Democrats are to decide on Wednesday whether to support the ANO-led government. Its chairman Jan Hamáček is in favor of remaining in government with ANO but has suggested Babiš could step down as prime minister. Also, the Prague branch of the Social Democrats called on the national party to push for the prime minister’s removal.

Rumor has it that CSSD will need more time to decide as the leadership wants to further negotiate the situation with Babiš.

Czech opposition parties agreed to push for a no-confidence vote in the government after a news report published by website said Babiš´ son had been sent to Crimea to hinder a fraud investigation on what has become known as the Stork Nest scandal.

But Babiš has repeatedly denied all accusations and said he would never resign. PM explained that his son had been treated for schizophrenia since 2015 and travelled to Crimea voluntarily.


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