Attack on TVP journalist

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TVP Info journalist and the host of its main current affairs show “Minęła 20”, Magdalena Ogórek referred to the incident on Twitter herself: “My car has been spat on, scratched, covered with stickers. I was slandered and people threw themselves under the wheels. Tussling and violence. That is how my departure from TVP looked like. And they’re happy and even posted a video.”

The twitter account which posted the film from the attack was deleted. However, other users were able to repost the video.

Let us imagine: a demonstration under TVN and “Gazeta Wyborcza” headquarters. A group of people with white and red flags spit on the cars of editors and insult them. What happens next? The whole world learns that the “free media” had been attacked by Polish fascists. Despite swift police intervention, Brussels decides to halt donations to the “PiS state regime” till power is taken over by a “democratic rule of law.”

Although many internauts were outraged by what happened to Ogórek, there were some with less sympathetic opinions:

Mrs Ogórek fully deserved what she got

“Although she seems to have it under control, that it doesn’t bother her, she stops her car around the corner and cries. Cries for a while. High five for this demonstration. You proved that it matters to you.”

Opposition politicians such as Sławomir Neuman and Barbara Nowacka denounced the attacks and the Minister of the Interior Joachim Brudziński apologized for the idleness of the police during the assault. 

Some opposition politicians, however, do not see the incident as something wrong, such as former minister Waldemar Kuczyński: “Mrs Ogórek fully deserved what she got.” 

This is the issue: many opposition politicians and journalists criticizing the government have become proficient in this art. They cut themselves off from the behaviors of people who damage their PR who “fight” hate speech by justifying hateful actions. They always have answers ready, such as “you reap what you sow,” or “they started hate speech, so now they have it,” etc. 

Some PiS opponents do not even bother with an alibi in the guise of an apology, such as Janusz Palikot: “But what should one do with this b*tch?”

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